Public Key Cryptography Overview

Public Key Cryptography is a hugely important invention.  It underpins the security (specifically the confidentiality) of most online commerce transactions.  Whilst it’s a complex subject and the subject of highly intricate and complex research to make the Internet a secure place to do business, the fundamentals of public key cryptography aren’t that hard to grasp.

The presentation linked to from this entry was originally part of a separate presentation I did on Bitcoin a little while ago, however in the end it felt like two separate subjects so I split it out.

So, public key cryptography in 6 slides (well, 8 if you include the title and closing slide).  Hopefully you’ll find the information contained within informative, consumable and, of course, correct!

You can see the presentation on here:

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010+ and PDF versions are available here:

  1. Public Key Cryptography – A brief overview (PPTX)
  2. Public Key Cryptography – A brief overview (PDF)


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Public Key Cryptography – An brief overview by Andy Brodie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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