xml2csv is a free utility developed and published by Locima to convert XML files to CSV files, according to a configuration provided by a user.  It is a command line utility and library, written in Java 5 (requires v1.6 or later)

This software is maintained on Github at http://www.github.com/andybrodie/xml2csv.

xml2csv is published under the Microsoft Public License (see also http://opensource.org/licenses/MS-PL), which is one of the most permissive licenses available and grants the user a wide variety of freedoms to use the software in a way that suits them.

Key Features:

  • Using a user-supplied configuration, xml2csv reads input XML files and creates output CSV files.
  • Processes multiple XML files that match user-specified filters.
  • Create many CSV files from a single set of XML files based on 1..n relationships between XML nodes and their descendants.
  • Built as a standalone Jar file with no dependencies other than the Oracle Java 1.6 JRE or later, for easy deployment.
  • Inline, multi-value mappings, allowing for a variable number of values for a single record.
  • Pivot Mapping allow CSV structure to be determined by the contents of XML files.
  • Paid support available from Locima Ltd.
  • Scalable to as many XML input documents as you need. Only one XML document needs to be held in memory at one time.
  • Use via a command line interface or integrated in to your own applications.
  • Source code licensed under the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL), so you can exploit with confidence!
  • Fully commented source code so you can understand and extend easily.
  • Based on open source software (Apache Commons, Apache Xerces, QOS slf4j,Saxonica Saxon HE, Eclipse Jar-In-Jar Loader).
  • Build with Apache Ant and Ivy using a single command (ant build-jar).


If you need Locima to provide consultancy or support in the configuration, use or extension of xml2csv, then please contact us at enquiries@locima.com,

Third Party Software Dependencies:

xml2csv relies on the following third party software, each with it’s own separate license:

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