Sliding Block

Sliding Block is simple game that demonstrates how to achieve various common techniques used when writing Windows Phone, or general mobile applications.  It is written in C#.

This software is maintained on Codeplex at

Sliding Block is published under the Microsoft Public License (see also, which is one of the most permissive licenses available and grants the user a wide variety of freedoms to use the software in a way that suits them.

Sliding Block is available from the Windows Phone store and works with both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8.x devices.

There is currently no further planned development of Sliding Block.

Techniques Used

Sliding Block is designed primarily as a way to demonstrate various frequently-desired features of mobile applications.

  • Pan and pinch to zoom of images.
  • Handling of persistence across suspend and tombstone operations.
  • Silverlight animation.
  • High-score table implementation.
  • Use of phone isolated storage.
  • MVVM and plain code-behind techniques.
  • Data-driven menu hierarchy generation.
  • Application localization.
  • Live Tile updates.
  • Image manipulation.

 Third Party Software Dependencies

Sliding Block relies on the following third party software, each with it’s own separate license:

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