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Estimating SharePoint 2010 Content Database Sizes

Microsoft published guidance for SharePoint 2010 on how to calculate an estimated size of a content database. The formula is very simple: Database size = ((D × V) × S) + (10 KB × (L + (V × D))) On … Continue reading

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Encoding base-N numbers using custom digits

It’s been almost a year since I had to code in anger.  I wanted to do some compression on an XML document by shortening element and attribute names to the bare minimum.  The documents I’m compressing contain an unknown number … Continue reading

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Mobile browsing on SharePoint, it’s not just for mobiles!

SharePoint sites do suffer from performance problems from time to time.  Perhaps the link between clients and WFE’s is congested, or the architects didn’t quite anticipate the usage patterns of their users, or maybe the orbit Neptune is wrongly aligned … Continue reading

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