Sliding Block Puzzle available to developers!

Our first software app for Windows Phone 7.1 is now available to developers on CodePlexSliding Block Puzzle is a game that demonstrates how to achieve many useful techniques on Windows Phone, such as dynamic data-bound menus, item template selectors, using the camera, image processing, animation, messaging to the view (MVVM) and diagnostic trace all in a mixture of MVVM and Code-behind.

And, it’s open source under the MS-PL license, so you’re free to look at the code and use bits in your own projects.

The game is very simple at the moment, and not good enough to put on the marketplace (our decision, not Microsoft’s – yet!), once more levels have been added and custom game creation and sharing games is complete, we’ll submit it for consideration for inclusion in the Windows App marketplace.

Enjoy!  And please leave feedback on the Sliding Block Puzzle Codeplex site!

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